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Let's kick this thing off...

Hi! Welcome to AnimalEd's very first blog post! *cue the fanfare*

So, first off -- hi! Welcome to the blog. We're Charlie and Tiana, co-founders and Keepers here at AnimalEd. By now, you may have read a little about us and the company on our website (if you haven't, here's a handy link!), so you might already know who we are and what we stand for. We're here to just expand on that a little...

Unfortunately, the world is in the midst of the 6th mass extinction crisis. Of course, extinction events are an unavoidable part of nature (just look what happened to the dinosaurs during the Cretaceous-tertiary Extinction 65 million years ago!), but there's something unnatural about this 6th mass extinction: it is happening far too quickly. This process has been hugely accelerated by human activity (anthropogenic forces), and now we're left in a total crisis, with an estimated 1 million species under threat worldwide.

We hope you'll agree, then, that giving people an environmental-based education is more important now than ever. AnimalEd is an animal education company with a focus on welfare that caters to a range of people - children and adults alike. We're firm believers in lifelong learning! If we could be superheroes and save the whole world, we'd do it, but we can't (sadly). So instead, we've created AnimalEd in order that we may play a small part in raising awareness for the plight of our species and getting people excited about animals. After all, if you learn to love something, wouldn't you be more inclined to protect it?

That, and we just love talking about animals!

Now, the issues of animal welfare and environmental problems are complex topics, and ones that not all teachers and parents can reasonably be expected to be experts in. This is where AnimalEd comes in - to provide informative and fun interactive sessions in which participants can meet and handle various animals in a safe environment, learning all the while!

Lessons are designed to captivate audiences, can be adjusted depending on the group and can cover a vast range of topics, from habitats and ecosystems to animal welfare. Sessions can even be crafted to fit in with the national curriculum! Check out what one kind headteacher had to say about our visits:

"Children left the workshops with many new facts, big smiles on their faces, some having overcome a fear they previously had."

Isn't that lovely? We love feedback like that! There's very little more rewarding than getting people engaged with animals and watching them cultivate an interest and appreciation for these often misunderstood creatures.

So... yeah! That's a little about us, what we stand for, why we started this company, and the kind of thing you can expect to be seeing from AnimalEd. Thank you for checking out the blog! See you next time, and don't forget to always keep learning!

-- Charlie and Tiana


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