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By booking with AnimalEd. you agree to the following terms and conditions.



  • We recommend booking as far in advance as possible (at least a month for in-person sessions). Bookings must be made a MINIMUM of two weeks in advance of the requested date. Shorter notice bookings can not be made.​

  • Bookings made apply only to the agreed date selected. Bookings are non- transferrable unless otherwise stated by AnimalEd team at their own discretion.

  • The date and time of your booking can be reserved for 48 hours after your request is received. Your booking will only be fully confirmed and secured on receipt of the deposit and completed forms. If these are not received within 48 hours, your booking date and time will be reopened and may be given to somebody else.

  • During the booking process the maximum number of participants will be stated and must be adhered to at all times.

  • Final numbers in attendance must be confirmed as part of the booking. Changes in final numbers in advance of the visit must be communicated with the AnimalEd team.

Cancellation by Booking Agent

  • No payment will be retained by AnimalEd if an event is cancelled by the booking agent with more than 30 days’ notice. A full refund will be given in this event.

  • Half payment will be retained by AnimalEd upon cancellation by the booking agent within 30 days of the event.

  • Full payment will be retained upon cancellation by the booking agent within 14 days of the event.

Cancellation by AnimalEd

  • If a booking must be cancelled for any reason by the AnimalEd team, a full refund will be issued.

  • We reserve the right to cancel experiences due to unforeseen circumstances. We will give as must notice as possible; however, this cannot always be guaranteed. The booking agent will be entitled to a full refund if the event is cancelled by AnimalEd.

  • In cases of extreme weather where it is not possible for AnimalEd to safely reach the venue, we will attempt to provide as much notice as possible, but the safety of our staff and animals must take priority


  • Those booking the visit have a responsibility to ensure the venue is suitable for AnimalEd. A visit checklist will be provided and must be met in full unless stated otherwise by AnimalEd staff.

  • Necessary booking forms and processes with relevant venue information must be completed by the booking agent.

  • It is the responsibility of the booking agent to seek the necessary permissions from the venue owner to ensure that AnimalEd and our animals are permitted to be onsite should the venue in which the event is being held be owned by a third party e.g. a community centre, hall, building.

  • Details of the area we will require will be given during the booking process as this will vary based on the session we are holding. 


  • An invoice will be sent to you as soon as your booking is confirmed. Full payment is due one day before the booking date at the latest. Payments are to be made by bank transfer. Cash may be used on request.

  • Cheques cannot be accepted at this time. 

Animal Care

  • We cannot guarantee that any specific animal will be available to take part in an event. Appropriate animals are selected according to a number of factors including venue, participants, breeding season, shedding patterns, eating patterns, animal health status, distance of visit and other factors.

  • Experiences may vary due to animal behaviour factors.

  • Our animals’ welfare and happiness are our top priority; therefore, they will always have freedom to choose to participate or not.

  • Any persons with convictions relating to animals may not take part in AnimalEd experiences. 

Supervision and Rules

  • No food or drink is permitted in the experience area.

  • All participants should remain in the area advised by staff. No participant is

    permitted to enter the AnimalEd area without permission.

  • All children participating in the session must be supervised at all times.

  • The attending adult (teacher, parent, leader etc.) is responsible for supervising the children at all times.

  • AnimalEd staff are not responsible for any childcare.

  • All rules and relevant information delivered by our Keepers in the safety briefing provided at the start of each session must be abided by at all times. Supervising adults will be responsible for ensuring children in their care follow these rules.

  • We reserve the right to ask any participant(s) to leave the session should they breach any safety rules or behave inappropriately in any way towards the participants, staff, or animals.

  • We reserve the right to stop or end any session if we feel there is a circumstance that poses a threat to the safety of participants, animals, or staff. 

Medical Information

  • AnimalEd staff must be notified, by the booking agent, of any medical conditions of any participants that we should be aware of to ensure the safety of all participants, animals, and staff during a visit.

  • AnimalEd should be notified of any relevant allergies (e.g. fur, food items, substrate, cleaning items etc) when the booking is made.

  • For the safety of any allergy sufferers, the experience may be altered, or elements may not be included for those affected.

  • We aim to make our experiences as inclusive and accessible as possible. AnimalEd staff should be informed by the booking agent of any disabilities or accessibility requirements upon booking to allow us to adapt the experience as necessary.

  • AnimalEd should be informed of any pregnancies in the participants as animal selection may be affected.

  • Be assured that any information we receive about medical conditions, allergies, and associated details will not be stored after the event and will only ever be used to ensure the safety of participants.


Health and Safety

  • All participants must use disinfectant hand wash before and after the session, and in between handling different animals, for health and safety reasons.

  • All participants must follow instructions and advice given by the AnimalEd staff throughout the session to ensure their hygiene as well as to comply with health and safety procedures.

  • AnimalEd has a set of risk assessments for all general scenarios that may be encountered. Staff will carry out a venue-specific risk assessment upon arrival, prior to starting any sessions.

  • Our risk assessments are available to view upon request.


  • AnimalEd accepts no liability for any loss, injury, or property damage during visits.

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