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We have a range of visits for various prices, time slots, ages and requirements. Get in touch for more information, to get a quote, or for anything else you'd like to know!

Tiana presenting at a primary school with Sami, the Giant African millipede


We understand that it takes a lot of work to create lessons, and now especially, teachers have more than enough on their plates. This is why AnimalEd offers lessons that are in line with the national curriculum and can even be adjusted to your school/key stages/class needs. You can also choose how many sessions you would like - we can stay at a school for the entire school day (9-3), or just for an hour. 


Looking for something a little less structured?

Maybe you’d just like to meet some cool new critters, or you want to get your Friend to Animals Brownie badge? Meet n’ greets could be perfect for you! Rather than presenting a lesson, the Keepers will have a table or two with various animals for participants to meet. In small groups, participants can come up, ask questions, and get stuck in with some handling! 


With this structure, we can see many small groups through a session and thus give everyone a chance to meet the animals and ask whatever they like. It’s less formal, but can be just as informative. 

Scooby the royal python sat on Charlie’s shoulders


If you want to treat the residents to something special, why not book an animal encounter session? Our keepers will bring in various animals and visit residents in a one-to-one manner, ensuring each resident gets the chance to interact with various species, ask questions and have a chat. 

Baloo the rat sitting on a shoulder, looking at the camera
Sami the Giant African millipede climbing over Tiana’s hand


 Learning is fun with AnimalEd! Want to do something a little different for your child’s birthday party this year? Or maybe it’s even a party for you! Whatever the age, AnimalEd will be more than happy to pay you a visit, let you meet the animals, and give you a fun talk about them followed by a Q&A! 

Sami the millipede climbing up an arm


Want the chance to interact with animals on a more personal level? We’ve got you covered! Maybe you want to get to know a specific animal and how to care for it? Our one-to-one sessions are perfect for those that prefer to get more time with the animals, and more time having their specific questions answered! Our keepers will let you meet a range of different animals and ask whatever questions you like about them and best of all, one-to-ones can work for all ages! 


We are also able to accommodate plenty of other events. If what you have in mind doesn’t quite fit any of the options listed above, please send us an email so we can have a chat and create a visit that’s right for you! 

Keepers Charlie and Tiana smiling at the camera


We are proudly partnered with Southampton City Farm!

You may have noticed that our specialty is primarily in exotics animals, and that we do not have a physical venue for people to visit. 

If pigs, goats, and fluffy guinea pigs are more your vibe, or if you are unable to secure a venue for a visit, then we'll gladly put you in touch with the lovely folks at Southampton City Farm. There, you can meet all sorts of different domestic animals, have an animal party, and even be a farmer for a day! Click the logo below to find out more about what they offer.

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